Fulltimer Status

Initially, the plan was to park in Redfeather.  That plan fell through with 2 weeks to spare (before move-in), and we were biting our nails, trying to find a place to park our bus.  Posting ads on Craigslist, calling local RV parks, etc. yielded scarce leads.  One day, we were strolling through Home Depot in search of the last items we needed for our plumbing.  A nice employee came our way, and we started talking about our project with her.  We talked for a long time, and she chimed in that she needed help with maintaining her property, and would love to “rent” a spot to park on her property, to us!!!  We were and still are, absolutely elated.  She is a sweet and very fun lady, and her property is absolutely gorgeous, with almost a quarter of an acre that she has accommodated us on! GetInline-3 On Friday the 31st of July, a blue moon, it was move in day.  The sunny day was so hectic, as we tried to get all of our material possessions moved into the bus, and the bus ready to move.  Kelsey’s cousin Steven even came all the way up to Fort Collins with his truck to help move some things.  We bid farewell to many of our material possessions, many of which were going to donation.  The purging of our items was often sad and memory-triggering, but the feeling of freedom of possessions was very refreshing.   (We still have many items that we have decided we don’t need, and are headed to the local donation place tomorrow.) GetInline-4 It was finally time for us to drive the bus the 5 miles north to the property.  She fired right up, and we took the necessary precautions to remove the stove cap and ratchet the wood stove to the wall.  We convinced our roommates, Ryan and Michelle, to follow us there to help if a break-down occurred.  Kelsey monitored the items in the bus to prevent anything from falling over, while Justin drove.  While it was only a five mile drive in the afternoon, it felt like an eternity.  Justin was white knuckled the whole way, as the bus engine whined up the hills and the line of traffic behind us grew. GetInline-5 We made it to the property just as the bus seemed to have finally warmed up to optimal temperature.  She fared well through the first gate, with room to spare.  Arriving at the second gate on the property, it was a little more tedious with only about 2 inches on either side to spare.    She finally made it in, and we were home!!!!!! GetInline-1 The first night was interesting.  We barely got our power hooked up before it was dark out.  We were absolutely exhausted from the day, and only cleared off the bed and couch… our unsorted possessions cluttering the walkway.  We had forgotten a phone charger, and both of our phones were dead.  We dimmed our RGB LED lights to a nice amber color, and decided we would both try our hand at reading a fiction book, for a change.  It was absolutely refreshing, and we enjoyed each others company while sipping some Blue Moon beer. GetInline We have been living in the bus full time since Friday, and it’s only Sunday.  We just enjoyed our first home-cooked meal in the bus, made on an induction hot plate, as we don’t have our gas hooked up yet.  Earlier today, we enjoyed a warm shower, thanks to the 200ft long hose that is running to the bus and the warmth of the sun.  We might not need gas for awhile!  All of our plumbing works with no problem, and our new toilet has a great seal and thus no odors.  We also installed a 6,000 BTU window AC, to help keep the inside at a moderate temperature for our Red Tail Boa, and our four Rats.  Unfortunately, the AC won’t cut it, and we are looking at other options to keep the bus cool in the hot sun.  We just got a canopy that we thought would shade the west facing windows, but it is too short!  We will continue to brainstorm, and if we can’t find another option, we will sadly have to find the snake a new home.  The dogs on the other hand, will be just fine.  They can climb up on the bed and lie in front of the AC, which Nadja did on Saturday. GetInline-2 We absolutely love our bus, and the new chapter in our book that we are writing.  We are still unpacking, and learning “what works where”, but it feels so great to be living in something that we built, just the way we wanted it to be.  And even better, that home is moveable!  We have plenty of room inside the bus, moreso than I had imagined.  Funny, we haven’t turned on our TV once since living in the bus… we spend our time reading, working on our bus, or outside playing with the dogs.  The sunsets here are breathtaking, and the air seems so clean.   The whole experience kind of feels like a fairytale or a dream.

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