We have had three panels of beadboard-like paneling sitting in our garage for awhile, now.  We got them on super-sale at Home depot, they were normally about $40 for a 4’x8′ sheet, and we got them for $9 each.  We had selected them to use on the walls, and now we are finally installing them!


Before we could install them, we had to run wiring.  We also had to run a rail, right below the windows, even in depth to the metal railing that the seats used to sit on, so that the paneling would sit level against the wall. This was an interesting task, because I used recycled and warped 2×4’s and a table saw.  I was sure to wear eye protection!

IMG_1206 IMG_1199IMG_1207

I then used a big drill bit, and drilled out about half of the depth of the newly made wooden rail for screws to sit in. I screwed the wood rail onto the wall, right under the windows, using the same wood to metal screws that we used on the ceiling!


Then we installed fiberglass insulation.  Previously, I had used metal screws and a piece of cardboard (to act as a big washer) to place the insulation.  This time, however, we just used duct tape.


After the insulation was in, it was finally time to place our paneling, Yay!  We cut it to size, 31″ tall, and secured it to the bus wall.  For securing it onto the top wooden rail, we used finishing/trim nails.  We pre-drilled the holes, of course.  We used plenty of nails for this, because they are small and will be easy to hide once we paint the walls.


To secure the wood panel to the bottom metal (former bus seat) rail, we sparingly used metal screws.  These screws aren’t the prettiest, but they do the job, and will be painted over, too.

After I installed a few panels, I decided to work on the trim to see what the finished product would look like.  I did this also because I wanted to know if there would be any problems securing the trim to the boards… and if so, I could change my approach to the wall panel installation. Fortunately and surprisingly, the trim pieces secured wonderfully to the wall panels!  The nails we were using almost acted like a screw, joining the trim to the panel very nicely.  Also, the fiberglass batting behind the wall panel created rigidity, because we really packed it in there.


For the trim, we are using the same pine planks that I love (and used for our couch)!  They are just little 1×3 pine wood pieces.  You can’t beat $1.80 for 8 feet of “trim”!!  I also created a little railing/shelf below the windows, to help hide the wooden rail and the top of the wood paneling.


Then I put a piece of trim on the end of the ceiling panels, to help hide the uneven-ness (see our other post).  It came out superb, I think.  Again, securing it using the trim nails.


To finish the windows, we framed them with the same trim, this time only using one wood to metal screw (the same kind that we used in our ceiling).


We will still need to paint the walls and trim white.  I usually like to paint BEFORE installing something, but we are in a bit of a time crunch, so I want to reserve painting until the very last minute, where we can paint everything all at once!

Stay tuned ’till next time!  We will soon be working on plumbing!

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