Solar Panels and Domain Renewal

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the site being down!  We lost our domain but fear not!  We have it back again (thanks google).

Project off grid continues with the installation of our almost kW solar array!  Four 235 watt panes were installed using elbow brackets, screws, wooden angled supports, and long steel tracks. Because these huge panels had aluminum frames, we didn’t feel comfortable just bolting them down so we made our own solar rack that costed about $100.  Lucky for us, JT and Tamra along with their baby Kalon came all the way down the mountain to come help us with the clean install.  If you haven’t yet; check out their bus; The School Of Life Bus!

We have ordered most of the solar components and will be using an Aims 3000w inverter as well as Duracell 6v batteries and a midnite classicmppt charge controller.  Lucky (again) for us; we have a friend who’s dad is well versed in solar setups and will be dropping by this Friday to help us get the ball rolling on wiring!  (More to come on this; later!)

And Without further ado, the photos of the install!  (We have since painted everything with the Henry’s Roof Coat)

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