Bathroom Remodel!

We began a bathroom remodel in May.  We gave ourselves a month to finish it, and on July 9th, we finally did!  

We wanted to remodel the bathroom for many reasons.  As a part of our “project off grid”, we were needing a composting toilet. (I will be writing a post all about our Natures Head shortly).  In addition to the composting toilet, I wanted to add a sink that we could brush our teeth and wash in. Also; the stock tank bathtub had to go!  If you remember, we added concrete to the flat base of the tub in order for it to drain and painted it with white epoxy tub paint.  Well, it was deteriorating; the paint was coming up and the concrete was chipping.  It was also leaking.  Needless to say, a bathroom renovation was much needed!!! 

After ordering the Natures Head Composting Toilet, we began work on making a bathtub.  

We purchased 3/4″ birch plywood and a table saw… and cut, dadoed, assembled, sanded, and applied resign.  It was a very long, very precise process. 

 We also added and remodeled the walls.  We wanted doors for some privacy, so the walls in the front were needed.  

For the shower wall, we found an old map and some wiring schematics.  We antiqued the papers after gluing them to the wall, and finished with more resign.  

We rerouted the plumbing and electrical, added a stink stack to the toilet, diverted the toilet liquids (urine) into the greywater tank, moved the hot water heater, added a new ceiling, and hard wired a light. Whoof!

Then we added a sink.  We found an antique bowl at a flea market and the faucet at a thrift store.  We cut a hole in the bowl and added plumbing and made a vessel sink pedestal.  We needed somewhere to put our bathroom items, and found the perfect thing to complement our steampunk style bathroom; an old, oak, empty 100 year old telephone.  Perfect.  

A place to hang our towels came easy at a local building supply store called Uncle Benny’s.  We assembled random pieces of pipe, knobs, and a gauge to create our in-shower towel hang.  

Lastly, we hung barn doors using cedar fencing, iron rods, and pulleys.  

I am just so in love with our new bathroom.  

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