More photos!

We just moved into a mobile home park for stability, after spending weeks at the beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir!  We painted the outside of the bus to help with solar gain in the sun!

Justin tried out his Kangaroo pouch with a 13 lb bowling ball on the day we were painting.  It did not last long!  We are excited to meet the “bowling ball” in Kelseys tummy any day now!

First side done!

We discovered that using a belt sander was a bit overkill.  It kinda looked pretty cool though!

The girls even got to play on the nice day.

Last side done! We had to keep the handprints on the back!!

Justin leveling the bus at our new spot.

   Nadja enjoying the couch, as usual
We still love our new kitchen!

Colorful ‘nursery’ with all the supplies and an exercise ball, ready for our Home Bus Birth.

Justin says April is a good month, while Kelsey enjoys the tankless hot water heater that supplies her soaks in the tub.


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