Video walkthrough and progress

We are only 25 days from move in!  We have made tremendous progress!

I did a walk through today with the camera.  We are just in the middle of so many things that I feel bad making posts about unfinished items, so I figured I would just take a video to describe our progress.  It’s a little lengthy, but pretty thorough.  I am working on the reupholstering of our couch cushions today because it is so rainy outside.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!!



6 thoughts on “Video walkthrough and progress

  1. Where does your waste and wastewater go You may want to secure the woodstove
    Are you planning to travel with it awesome job of how everything has its place


    1. We have a black water tank mounted below the toilet. To empty it we use a portable and self contained tote that you can pick up at any RV store, it’s called port-a-tote, and we take that to the dump site.
      As for the wood stove, we secure the It with ratchet straps to the wall/frame. We plan on traveling hopefully after Kelsey finishes school!


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