Wolf, Ceiling, and Hearth-backing


For the ceiling, we used panels of Beetle-Kill-Pine.  It was pretty difficult with one person to hold them and screw them in, so having two people was a must- it made the installation so much easier.  When we were getting down to the edges of the ceiling of the bus, right over the windows, it became even more difficult to secure the panels due to the curvature of the ceiling making it hard for the tongue and grooves to line up.  It was often a puzzle of how much to back out panels or screw them in to make the tongue and groove line up.

At the very edges, right above the windows, our panels weren’t square.  This caused there to be an uneven amount of gap from the front of the bus to the back of the bus.  We are going to use trim board to cover these imperfections.  We are so happy to have the ceiling finally done though, we think it looks great!  Super lucky and thankful to our good friend Becca, who came today and helped us finish this part of the bus!  We couldn’t have done it without you!!




We also finished the hearth!  We cut two pieces of metal that were left over from the original ceiling and secured it to the interior and exterior, covering the windows.  Then we put cementboard on the inside as a fire block.  On top of that, we put decorative sheet metal that we picked up for free a couple of years ago.  It turned out quite beautiful, we think!!


Our good friend Abe Bebo, of A L E O art,  has been working on a beautiful original piece of a wolf in our bus.  He just put the finishing touches on this amazing piece yesterday!  It is above where our bed will be, above the exit door.  We are so, so lucky to have been gifted this beautiful piece!  Thanks, Abram!!


We started putting handprints outside of our bus to thank the people who have helped us!  Many more hands are to come… please contact us if you have helped, so we can set up a time for your hand to get on our bus!!

Thanks for your support, as always!

-Kelsey and Justin

4 thoughts on “Wolf, Ceiling, and Hearth-backing

  1. Wouldn’t mind having a hand print on the bus. But I’d really rather have that donation to my Boy Scouts! Thanks, Brian


  2. I want to help more and put my hand print on the bus. 🙂 You two are amazing and the bus is going to be beautiful! Much love to you.


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