Free RV items, and the layout

Last Saturday, we were able to go and pull items off of three RV’s that a generous man owns.  These RV’s are going to be used in a demolition derby, and therefore he has no use for the various parts within them. It took us all day, but we were able to pull almost everything we needed!

We are absolutely ecstatic that we were able to find this opportunity!

Here’s what we were able to snag;

   Various tanks… Black, fresh, and grey water.

An RV toilet (this one, Justin had to use a jigsaw to remove)


Pumps, sink, and other odds and ends

A couple of hot water heaters

 Electrical boxes and a battery charger

 And a couple of ovens!!

We got home and started trying to frame the bathroom.  It proved to be a little more difficult than we had anticipated, only because we couldn’t decide how we wanted it!  Justin wants a bigger bathroom, but we realized that it would mean a huge wall when we first walked in!  We moved the toilet around a bunch, and we even tried it as a divers seat.  Of course that wouldn’t work, but we thought it was funny anyways.

We finally compromised on a layout, and will frame it once the rain here clears up!

The rain has put a damper on our progress, but it has also indicated some leaks that we have in the roof. This is likely from the bus being moved after sitting for years, and the roof metal getting hot and expanding.

We just picked up some elastometric reflective white paint, and will be putting it on the [outside of] the roof when this weather clears up!  We were going to do this a little farther down the road (mainly because the roof hadn’t really leaked before), but decided that it would be best to seal the entire roof before we installed the ceiling.

Here’s to hoping for great weather soon!
We really appreciate all of the support we have been given thus far!  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Free RV items, and the layout

  1. I saw the sign on your bus the other day and it said that you were planning on traveling the US with your bus when it is done. My boyfriend and I want to do the same thing but I am concerned with the logistics of it, like quitting work, have we saved enough money? are we going to have a hard time finding jobs again after taking time off? That kind of stuff. I am wondering if you have any advice or suggestions on how to deal with those things.

    Thanks, the bus looks great, I hope the rain stops soon for you!!


    1. We haven’t gotten that far yet… the first step is to get it livable, then park it while we get used to tiny house life …and then get it more mobile. Hopefully we can find some work online, otherwise we will just work and save money up!


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