Gofundme Donations for our bus!

One sunny day last week, we were working on our bus.  I was caulking the outside lights, and Justin was inside, drilling rivets.

Two young ladies walked by us, carrying reusable shopping bags.  One of the bags had a bouquet of flowers hanging out of the side of it.  They stopped us, and asked questions about our bus.  They said they were starting a new page, called The People Of Fort Collins, and asked us if they could feature us.  Of course we said yes.

We told them about our website, and they suggested also setting up a gofundme account.  

So we put it in the back of our minds, but after realizing how much this project is really costing us and how little time we have left, we could use all the help we could get.

Here it is, our gofundme link!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated!!  If you’re in town and could come help us on a sunny weekend, that would be super helpful too!

We are so thankful to everyone that has helped us on this project! We will be painting the names of everyone who helped this project come together on the side/back of our bus!  Let us know if you are interested in us painting your name, too!

Click below to donate!:


Thank you!

-Justin and Kelsey and Maggie

And here is a picture of one of the ten adorable 21 day old German Shepherd puppies that we are fostering right now ❤  


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