How to remove Rivets from a School bus

We continue to plug away at our rivet removal.  Justin has really gotten the technique down!  He drills the rivers until he sees a shard of metal come off, that’s when he knows he had voided the mandrel. To preserve drill bits, he sprays WD-40 on the bit every two minutes or so.  After he drills the center out of the rivet, I remove the heads using a chisel and a quick hammer tap.  This method is the best that we have come up with so far.  I shot a short little how-to video of Justin at work.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “How to remove Rivets from a School bus

    1. A Makita drill, the teal colored one. The drill bit used was about the same size as the rivet hole, or as close as we could get. Anything less and the rivet wouldn’t come out, any more and we would be doing more work than necessary. 🙂


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