Windows and 3,000 rivets?

We probably should have continued with the subfloor and finished it, but we realized that the ceiling and side panels would have to come down for us to insullate them, so I started on that endeavor, then Justin came home from work and joined in on the fun of learning to remove rivets with a drill!



I estimated there to be about 3,000 rivets that we need to remove from the ceiling and the walls.  Yikes!



Our approach was to drill them out, and it seems to be a slow process, but it’s not too difficult.  We will manage… eventually!  


I also prepped the outside of the bus, to be primed tomorrow.  We want to be sure we stop all forming rust ASAP. We will be using an air compressor that I picked up for super cheap at a pawn shop, and a spray gun that I borrowed from my brother two years ago (oops-sorry Kyle).  My air compressor is an 11 gallon 6cfm@40psi.  It works really well (we tested it with the gun yesterday).  We will be priming the outside of the bus using the same rustoleum product that we used on the floor.


During our painting tomorrow, we will remove all of the windows so we don’t have to cover them, then re-caulk them as we put them back in.  I had done this on one window a couple of days ago… Just to get the technique.



I had to remove the vertical panel, then the horizontal panel, then push up on the window frame while loosening the caulk with a putty knife/scraper.  Once the window became loose, It was easily wedged out of the window well.  After we finish painting, we will recaulk the windows back in.

Well, it’s past our cutoff time (8:30pm) for working on the bus.  And it’s a Friday night.  Time to grab a beer. Cheers!


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