Subfloor starting!

After we accomplished the gutting and the painting of the floor, we started looking at insulation options for our bus.   During this endeavor, we are quickly realizing the value of vertical space.   Not wanting to sacrifice too much head space, we ended up deciding on half inch panel insulation foam with an R-3.2 value.   This foam insulation is rigid enough to be laid under a subfloor, although they are actually designed for wall insulation.  



We filled the holes in the metal floor left from various screws and bolts, with caulk.  Then laid the foam panels. We laid our foam “shiny” side up, and taped the seams with Reflectix foil tape.  Because the foam is so rigid and relatively thin (compared to the 2″), we did not feel the need to frame it.  


After laying a couple of the foam pieces, we cut and laid OSB board.  We used wood to metal self drilling screws.  I really like those screws, they are so easy to set!! 



We only laid two sets of the foam and OSB board, when we got to the wheel well that our wood stove will sit on.  We framed the well using OSB and 2×3’s. We got the cuts wrong, but we’re still able to shimmy some shimmys under the legs to make things right. We secured the wood to the metal of the frame and the wheel well.  We ended up calling it a night after we finished framing the box.  It was getting late and running the saw was loud for our neighbors. 


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